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Megan Louise

Ho, Ho, the pirate life...
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Old, alone, done for!

The Jolly Roger

One green light squinting over Kidd's Creek, which is near the mouth of the pirate river, marked where the brig, the JOLLY ROGER, lay, low in the water; a rakish-looking craft foul to the hull, every beam in her detestable, like ground strewn with mangled feathers. She was the cannibal of the seas, and scarce needed that watchful eye, for she floated immune in the horror of her name.

Skull and bones


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[6-7-2006 (3:16 pm)]
WASHINGTON — The Senate voted 49 to 48 today to defeat the Federal Marriage Amendment, a measure that would have denied marriage to same-sex couples and seriously threatened civil unions and domestic partnerships. Seven Republicans joined 41 Democrats in voting down the measure, which opponents said was a politically motivated distraction from real challenges facing the country.

Does that upset anyone else, how close that is?
We need to do something about this.

What the fuck happened to "seperation of church and state" ?
What happened to the constitution protecting our rights, and not eliminating them?
What happened to America?

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Katie and Tori... [4-11-2006 (9:09 pm)]

Remeber that shit? Lol :)
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[4-10-2006 (8:48 pm)]
I didnt realize... In March, it was my 2 year anniversary with this.
I cant believe Ive had this bitch for 2 years...
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[4-6-2006 (10:38 pm)]
Today, this week, its all just been practically amazing. Ive got the highest self-esteem that Ive had in such a long time. Ive finally straightened myself up, straightened up most of my life, and I just feel great. Im really looking around. Not psuedo looking around, and seeing everything for beautiful, but seeing everyone for who they really are. People who you always think were so beautiful, and realizing, they arent, but you percieve them as beautiful because of their self confidence. You realize that perception is everything. You could be ugly, and believe you are pretty, and other people will see you as pretty. That works both ways. Think youre ugly, everyone is going to percieve you as ugly. Im also looking around at everyone who wears tight clothing, and realizing, they arent all skinny. Hell, most people arent. Most real people, at least. It makes me realize, I am not fat. I am not gross. Im on the skinnier end of fat, and I really like it there. Id rather eat and be happy, than not eat and be skinny.
Im just so proud of myself for finally waking up and looking around.
Im wearing tight clothes, wearing color even, wearing shirts Ive made myself and not worrying about what other people think about any of it. Call me fat, call me gross. You have no idea what I have gone through to feel this good about myself, and the opinion of one fag is not going to hurt me as much as you wish.
I wish this would last, I really hope it does. It doesnt last long enough, ever. Today, Denise and I were talking about this weekend, and she says "Saturday is Theresa's..." and she hesitated for a millisecond before finishing off with "...birthday party." I was sitting there, waiting for the sinking feeling to happen, realizing that I didnt get invited to yet ANOTHER birthday party, and for me to get all depressed and like, I have no friends *pout and cry*, but it never happened. I didnt feel any of it. Not the slightest hint of sadness. That shows how much I realize that we just arent friends anymore. High school has changed us all. And yes, it hurt at first, but now, Im over it. Im happy with who I am now, what I have changed to make myself who I am has all been for the better. It is a hard road, especially trying not to think or believe that this is all fake, that its drugs talking, that my mania is just going to ruin it tomorrow, but for today, Im glad I have the courage to look in the mirror and say, "Thats me. Im so cute."
It also feels really good to have somewhat formed ideas of what I want to be. It makes my outlook on the future so great. I have like, 5 or 6 really grand ideas of what I want to do, thanks to childhood fantasies, and Lord of the Dance, and Amanda Chibani, and Specks Howard, and foreign language, and great teachers, ect. I have such a positive outlook on the future. I cant wait for the future to be the present. Im so ready for everything, and I cant wait to do something that makes me beyond happy.

Edit- Eph3m3ralxL0v3 (11:13:23 PM): me two years ago would be like
Eph3m3ralxL0v3 (11:13:53 PM): I wouldnt believe this is me, at all.

Yeah, you know it.
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[4-5-2006 (7:26 pm)]
I just give up.
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[1-13-2006 (11:06 pm)]
I want to warn you guys... I deleted everyone except for a couple people. So if you want on, comment. Sorry if thats an inconvenience.
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[1-13-2006 (10:17 pm)]
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[1-1-2006 (1:13 pm)]
99 Apples.
Whipped cream.
Missing the ball dropped.
Molly Molly Moose!
Beer pong.
I dont remember 11-2.
Getting puked on (BRYAN).

I cant remember anything else.
If you have anything else to add, comment.
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[12-24-2005 (7:10 pm)]
My cousin asked me to be in her wedding :) Im so excited!! This is acually a really good Christmas. I went to Eric's families house to make perogies yesterday. We made sooooo many. We worked for like, 2 1/2 hours. Fun :)
Merry Christmas, guys :)
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[12-20-2005 (6:23 pm)]
God. Im bored.
I hate Dakota. Im skipping band because it sucks and Mr C sucks.
Go figure.

Rah. >.< Im tired.
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[12-16-2005 (6:00 pm)]
Yeah 5th hour is cool. Not really. Im suppost to go hang out with Brad & maybe Ryan &/or Franchesco tonight. Maybe go see a movie? Idk better then being bored :p

I looove life :)
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[12-14-2005 (10:31 pm)]
Today was amazing.
Im so happy with Dave. Seriously.
And Eric is amazing because he loves me. Hes my brothaaa for life.

Besides Stef. Shes my brotha too.
You just wouldnt understand.

Rollin :)
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POD- Goodbye for now [12-7-2005 (10:59 pm)]
great lyricsCollapse )
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[12-5-2005 (2:51 pm)]
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In September I stole dinkel_dink's purse (-30 points). In January I ruled Canada as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last Saturday I helped suddman across the street (6 points). Last week I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). Last Wednesday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, x10cajza (-5000 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5398 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Oohhh a spanking ;)
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[11-28-2005 (2:34 pm)]

There's only us
Only tonight
We must let go
To know what's right
No other course
No other way
No day but today...

So today sucked. I cried through 3rd hour and some of fourth.  I suck.
But I sang Rent all day. It was pretty cool.
Going to see HP4 again tonight with Duffy hopefully, after DT. Yip-a-dee.

There's only us
There's only this
Forget regrets
Or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today...

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[11-26-2005 (4:54 pm)]
We had a sleepover last night and it was like, on crack. I got dared to do a "strip tease" (of course only not really) and they taped it on my camera. I earned a dollaaaa lol. Today we had a bottle drive. It was so random. I dumped a box of cans into the bag and stuff came out of it like a shovel and stuff so I took out what I saw and put it back in the box. The lady didnt notice, so whatever. Me Lesa and Nicole bonded. It was awesome :) Then we went to go do the cans and I pulled a faucet out of the bag. All of us like, died laughing. It was so funny lmao. You had to be there, I guess. I had to get new shoes for work, so I took off my first layer of pants in the middle of the Meijer isle and people were staring at me and Lesa lol. Oh well. IT was fun :)
Tonight I have to work, and then Im going to Lesas party w/ like, everyone :) Im so excited! Tonight rocks.
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[11-24-2005 (10:26 am)]
[ mood | thankful ]

I went to Erics with Judy yesterday. It was fucking sweet :).
I saw Rent with Stef and Chibbs. It was amazing!!

Happy thanksgiving. Post a comment and tell me what you are thankful for...
Im thankful for my friends, especially Eric Tori Mike and Judy.
Im thankful for my family, especially my mom because she puts up with me.
Im thankful for Duffy because he is here for me no matter what.
Im thankful for Tony.
Im thankful for Brad, because he taught me about love and how to get over heartbreak.
Im thankful for my good fortune, because there are people much worse off then I am.
Last, but not least, Im thankful that I am a Pathfinder, and am thankful for all of my sisters.

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[11-20-2005 (9:00 am)]
Yesterday was fucking amazing. Me and Stef went to the gas station and bought monster. WE came back here and started drinking the bacardi I have still in my basement. Then Dustin came over and he had pot so I smoked a bowl like by myself cuz he didnt take too many hits and nither did Stef. Then Mike, Mike, and Amanda came over. I dont think I talked to them very much. I dont really remember the one kid, but the other one looked like Chris that I work with. Weird. So then Me and Stef were laughing about pine-sol smelling immigrants. Lmao I dont know. I was moving my neck, and it hurt but it didnt? And then they left and I went upstairs and waited for my parents to get home and they did at like, 10:45 so then I went and passed out. I got the worst sleep though, ugh. Great night :) I ♥ Stef :p
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[11-17-2005 (9:37 pm)]
Harry Potter at midnight :D
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[11-16-2005 (8:46 pm)]
So I share my birthday with Boy George, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Donald Trump, and Miss Universe 1996?

I finally started drivers training.

Does anyone read this? Lol.
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